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Using a 1960 Leica Elmarit 90/2,8 on a Fuji X-T3

In short The Leica Elmarit 90/2,8 works flawlessly on a Fujifilm X-T3, also with third-party adapters having no electronic connection with the camera. It provides excellent results, notwithstanding its age. Using this lens for street photography requires using focus-peaking or zone focus. In this latter case, proper training is necessary to correctly assess the distance…

By Andrea Monti April 5, 2021 Off

Fuji X-T2 records audio at 16bit/48Khz

Neither the user manual, nor the Youtube ‘experts’ tell this open secret: the X-T2 samples audio at 16bit. Although the sample rate is 48khz (a standard in video production) 16bit may not be enough to record (a minimum) professional grade audio. This is not a big deal for the rest of the humans, but If…

By Andrea Monti October 11, 2020 Off