1 – What I Do

Classical, Pop, Rock and Jazz Concerts, Fighting Sports, Track-and-Field, Reportage, Non-Staged Portraits, Street-Photography, (sometimes) Landscape.

2 – What I Do Not

Fashion,  Fine-Art, Products, Weddings, Studio and/or staged sessions, Childrens, Stocks.

3 – How I Do It

I shoot in 135 format, mainly digital, but upon request I may use film (Kodak Portra 160/400 VC, Kodak BW400CN, digitally scanned with a Nikon LS-8000.) I do not use flash, I do not use “fancy” lenses (tilt-shift, ultra-ultra wide, and so on), I do not use other (outdoor) equipment. To make a long story, short, I shoot with a camera only and a lens.

4 – Use and Share of the Photography

Please, don’t use my photos without my permission. Link (and credits) are welcome.

5 – Donation

Once you get the authorization to use the online version of a photo, please make a donation to your favourite charity. I don’t need “proof-of-payment”: just confirm you did it.

6 – What If You Don’t Donate

I won’t sue you, but you don’t get the right to use my photos, no matter what I told you before.

7 – What I Expect You to Do

Please respect my copyright and the integrity of my pictures.


* * *