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The Kiev 60 and a fix for the frame spacing issue

There are several fixes for the Kiev 60‘s frame spacing problem, from taping the film spool to making it thicker to fine-tuning the film transport mechanism. However, while these solutions may work well, they are not guaranteed to work all the time.
Master Adriano Lolli found the Columbus egg in one of his masterstrokes: he drilled a hole in the back of the camera in the exact position where the frame number appears and applied a red filter, just in case. In this way, after the first full exposure, the shutter could be cocked in tiny increments until the film number appeared in the hole. The only drawback of this solutions is that, because of the hole, it is not possible to use 220 film spools anymore.

P.S.: a note to my self: remember to cock the shutter first, and only then set the shutter speed.