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On Photography and Self-Delusion

Only travelling abroad gets exotic photos. No need to travel overseas to get unusual images. Shoot digital is the only way ‘to stay in the moment’. Going retro with film is the only way to stay ‘in the moment’. Get the latest gear you can find. No, use the cheapest stuff because photography is about the man, not the machine. Do not post process, do post process. Shoot colour; no shoot B&W. Use Midformat, no full-frame, no APS-C, no smartphone-size sensors…

The list of advice coming from (self-professed) experts, journalists (most often, web content editors with no editorial clearance), and ‘seasoned’ (wannabe) photographers could grow forever.
More often than not, these gems of wisdom are just a way to foster self-delusion and confirm the bias that led to a specific choice (and purchase).

As I wrote about the guy who made a fuss of ‘rediscovering film’, there is no need to mumble or articulate the whys and the hows of a particular choice.

Just go out and shoot.