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Nagasaki Biker

Sometimes carrying a camera with a slow autofocus, slow shutter and low ISO can be a hindrance. Had I had a better camera and a faster film, this photo would have been much better.
However, it is the eye that is to blame, not the old Nikon 35TI.
I realised too late that what I was looking at could have been an image and had to react within a few seconds. In those conditions, the camera did what it could, but if I had been aware of my surroundings, I would have been ready at the right moment.

So I paid the price for my bad habit of relying on gear rather than situational awareness. Of course, this is not to say that we should only use old equipment and dispense with new technology. But for me at least, this missed shot is a reminder that before the camera is ready to shoot, the eye needs to be switched on.