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@ Mediterranean Beach Games 2015 – Italian Female Rowing Team

Part 1 – Intro, Before the event, getting your media pass
Part 2 – Before the event, having your media pass working for you
Part 3 – During the event, get ready for the show
Part 4 – During the event, how to choose which event attend to
Part 5 – During the event, shooting the game
Part 6 – After the event


As much as knowing your way through the photography maze populated by ISO settings, lens choice, (auto)focus performance and so on, successfully shooting sport competitions requires a lot of background work and social skills, as well as stamina and concentration.

You’re not supposed to attend a Marines bootcamp, a con men conference and a crash course in volleyball, rowing or whatever the sport you have to work with to develop such specific capabilities.

But it would definitive helps…