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Frank Gambale All Stars – Live@Teatro Marrucino

Rockol has just published a gallery with some of the photos I took at the Frank Gambale All Stars concert last 20 November.
I’ve been a fan of Gambale’s for a long time and meeting him was a very nice experience: friend, easygoing, positive attitude despite the stress of the Italian tour: a great human being (and I can’t say the same about many of the ‘artists’ I’ve met in my career as a photographer and interpreter).

On the technical side, the X-T4 and the lenses (Fujinon XF150-600 and an XF18-120) worked well. At ISO3200, the images have more than acceptable noise, which becomes almost invisible when the shadows are pushed.

One advantage of shooting electric bands is that the sound is high enough to eliminate mechanical shutter noise, reducing the dreaded ‘banding’ caused by LED flicker.

Sometimes the lenses struggled to focus, but overall I didn’t miss a single shot in the usual challenging light conditions of this type of event. Unfortunately, this luxury is not allowed at classical music and opera concerts, where the ‘click’ can be heard loudly throughout the theatre.