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Canon EOS-M. Useless for Street-Photography

EosMA friend of mine handed over a Canon EOS M with the 22 (35mm equiv.) lens so I thought to give it a try during a street-photography session in Rome.

To put it short, the EOS M is a useless camera.

I don’t enter into a tech-talk since there are already many on the internet, just focusing on the practical side. Though, for general purposes, the EOS M isn’t worse than other competitors, the autofocus – as clearly stated by many reviewer – is deadly slow, making impossible to shoot from the hip and the touch screen often messes up the settings while “palming” the camera. Furthermore, there is no stand-by mode: the camera is either switched-on or off.

The result is that I missed a whole afternoon of shooting opportunities. Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t feel  comfortable with this camera, but honestly I doesn’t think so.