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Action! (beware of Fuji X-Pro 2)


I’ve shot this picture with a Fujifilm X-E2 and a Zeiss C Sonnar T* 1,5/50 ZM.

The split-image manual focus confirmation worked properly (though with a strong light it’s more difficult to handle it) and the resulting file in term of size and quality is fairly satisfying.

Enter the X-Pro2 with a bigger resolution and new RAW format.

While a 24 Megapixel APS-C sensor creates file that can be handled by most of the computer currently in place, the new RAW format will require the latest Photoshop CC/Lightroom update. So, if you chose not to enter into the mud of a subscription-based software licensing model, all of a sudden you find yourself with an unusable camera.

Sure, you can buy Silkypix or Iridient Developer (very good piece of software, BTW) to handle the new format, and surely Apple will release its camera RAW updated.

But if your workflow is Adobe-based and you’ve already invested money into a proper computer and the related set of software license, your options are limited:  you can stay where you are, handle the Fuji X-Pro2 bright new RAW format with some out-of-workflow utility and then come back to Photoshop CS6 or whatever. Or you invest again a huge quantity of money to buy a new computer and a new set of licenses “just” to handle the X-Pro 2 files.

Of course, if money is not an issue all this talk is a nonsense, but if you value the money you earn, then – maybe – leaving the old way for the new one isn’t such a bright move.