Author: Andrea Monti

Fuji X-T2 records audio at 16bit/48Khz

Neither the user manual, nor the Youtube ‘experts’ tell this open secret: the X-T2 samples audio at 16bit. Although the sample rate is 48khz (a standard in video production) 16bit may not be enough to record (a minimum) professional grade audio. This is not a big deal for the rest of the humans, but If…

By Andrea Monti October 11, 2020 Off

The Power of Underexposing

Properly mastering underexposure helps to obtain pleasant results in challenging light conditions. I took this picture of a soprano by lowering the camera exposure by two stops, thus preserving skin tones burning, and “fading” the background to black. A proper in-camera under-exposure has the advantage of requiring lesser work in post to toggle clarity, temperature…

By Andrea Monti December 25, 2019 Off