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Carl Zeiss T* 50 1,5 Sonnar and EOS EF-M 18-55

Gear time again.

Notwithstanding its quirks I can’t get rid of this EOS-M camera and still try to find a reason not to dispose of it. This time I wanted to see how does the camera performs with Zeiss ZM lenses (namely, the Carl Zeiss T* 50 1,5 Sonnar) thanks to the – again brilliant – EOS-M to Leica M lens adapter by Master Adriano Lolli.

As everybody can see the results are of a poor quality compared to the (not stellar) performance of the Canon EF-M 18-55.

The Zeiss is not faulty (I use it on a Leica M6 and it works like a charm) so I came to the empirical conclusion that manual focusing through the screen (remember, little EOS-M has no viewfinder) leads to unreliable results.

The next experiment will be to manually focus, get a visual confirmation and then move the camera back and forth without changing the focus setting to see if a “gut-compensation” can improve the image quality.