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60×40 Borderless Printing with a HP Z3200ps 24

z3200Printing a 60by40cm image on a A1 roll (61cm wide) should be a pretty straightforward task: well, not on a printer like the HP Z3200.

To cut the story, here are the settings:

  • set your image landscape, and size it 60 by 40 cm,
  • set your CANVAS size to 61,8 by 41 cm with a white background (highlighted in red, in the picture) so that the final image size is, indeed, 61,8 by 41,
  • In the Print Settings menu select the Paper Size option and set a custom page size of 61 by 40,5,
  • Again, in the Print Settings menu select the Margins/Layout menu and check the  Borderless radio button,
  • Still in the Margins/Layout menu, Borderless, set the dropdown menu Image Enlargement to Manually in Application,
  • click Save
  • back in the main Print dialog window, set the top and left margin to 0
  • click Print, and you’re (hopefully) done.