Introducing  Yet Another Photography Blog.

Somebody (well, everybody, actually) might ask a few questions like:

  • Isn’t the Internet full of (self-professed) landscape-street-journalism-fineart-digitalcameraVsfilmcamera photography’s gurus?
  • Aren’t Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, 500px, Photoshop.com and their siblings polluting enough the net with an unstoppable flow of pictures?
  • And, on the contrary, wouldn’t be better for those who are interested in the world of photography to spend time looking at Magnum Photo repository or enjoying the galleries of the most (past and current) renowned photographers?

Answer: absolutely.

So why YAPB?

First, because I need an online place to collect (mostly my) pictures and thoughts about the world of photography.

Second, because I’m bored to death of reading sites where people of (admittedly) some expertise sell camera and lens reviews labelled as “independent”, while actually being pure and simple paid-ads. Or, worse, listening at “ho-ho-ho columns” (again, actually “featured-ad”) that arise hype on whatever gimmick the market throws at the consumers hoping that somebody clicks the Adorama, Amazon, B&H associate program links (purposely not provided, here.)
Thus I decided to start writing about my own experience made with my own gear only. As it takes years of trial, error and experimentation to get accustomed to a specific musical instrument and let it releases its full acoustic potential, so I think of cameras and lenses. No matter the seniority in the photographic sectors, is really possible to rent a camera for one afternoon and come out with a reliable opinion? To me, it makes more sense to listen at those who use(d) extensively a camera or a lens I like, and make profit of their experience. After all, as Bernard of Chartres used to say, nanos gigantum humeris insidentes (We are dwarves sitting on the shoulders of a giant.)

Third … why not?


Post Scriptum

What this website is not:

  • a way to collect money through seminars, advertising and affiliate programs, by “pushing” people to buy whatever garbage the camera business dumps on the shelves,
  • an authoritative technical resource that provides measurable and scientific claims (look for the great work of DxO labs, instead),
  • a way to catch the attention of some manufacturer so to start traveling around at its expenses attending its product presentation tours, while still claiming to be born on July, 4th.

And finally, Am I for hire?

The answer is slightly articulated.

When this blog went online this is what I stated:

Absolutely NO. Although you might like some of the pictures I take, I don’t shoot to earn money. The world is full of serious professionals that know their way and that deserve to be rewarded for their capability. If you need a serious job, by all means, stay clear of amateur.

But in the course of a year things are changed. I started working for an online music magazine as photojournalist, and did some “pro” job (whatever it means) so, technically speaking, yes, now I’m for hire. But photography isn’t my work and doesn’t pay the bills. So I’m at my liberty to accept – more often, reject – a proposal.

Photography, to me, was and is a passion. I don’t want to kill it by turning the pleasure of shooting into a job.